Foot mobilization

Treatment of foot complaints without insoles, medication and surgery.

Foot mobilisation technique (FMT) in the private practice for chiropractic in the 4Life Chiropractic Centre in Göttingen.

Stephanie Haselmeyer, Doctor

The physician Stephanie Haselmeyer is an expert in modern American chiropractic and structural osteopathy. In her private practice at the 4 Life Chiropractic Center, she specializes in the treatment of a wide range of foot conditions, including bend foot, flat foot, splay foot, hallux valgus, Achilles tendon irritation, heel pain, toe problems, inversion trauma, ankle instability, and much more.

The foot mobilisation technique (FMT) was developed by the Australian Podiatry Doctor Ted Jedynak, with whom Mrs Haselmeyer has been working closely for several years.

FMT’s aim is to treat foot complaints without insoles, operations or medication, using only special handles and individual exercise plans.

Furthermore, Mrs. Haselmeyer is one of the few specialists for the specific treatment of the upper cervical spine (Atlas/C1).

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