The Nervous System and Health

Physical, emotional and toxic stress limit general health by overloading the nervous system, which can lead to disturbances in the control and coordination of all organs and all functions of the body. Therefore, the main … Read More

The chiropractic idea

There is nothing in our body that is not controlled by our brain. The muscles, the joints, every organ, the immune system, the hormone system – yes, every single cell! If the communication between brain … Read More

Mobilisation Flow

In order to be healthy and able to perform well, it is important, in addition to regular chiropractic, to move the body daily in all directions. This is especially essential for the health of the … Read More

Foot mobilization

Treatment of foot complaints without insoles, medication and surgery. Foot mobilisation technique (FMT) in the private practice for chiropractic in the 4Life Chiropractic Centre in Göttingen. Stephanie Haselmeyer, Doctor The physician Stephanie Haselmeyer is an … Read More