The chiropractic idea

There is nothing in our body that is not controlled by our brain. The muscles, the joints, every organ, the immune system, the hormone system – yes, every single cell! If the communication between brain and body is disturbed, this can have negative effects on EVERY single function of the body.

We call these consequences diseases, which are given all sorts of sonorous names. But in the end illness is nothing more than the absence of perfect function and therefore health. It does not exist for itself, but only arises when the body is forced to adapt to too much stress over a longer period of time.

Physical, emotional and toxic stress can massively limit the function of our brain. Neurochiropractic aims to remove these limitations by enabling the brain to return from a chronic stress program (fight or flight) to a relaxation program (growth and healing). In addition, chiropractic corrections aim to restore optimal communication between the brain and the body so that the nervous system can perceive and control the body as well as possible. Virtual a reset of your internal computer. Healthy Brain – Better Life!